Online Title Searching in Connecticut

Connecticut title search company,Due to the ever-changing world with the recent COVID-19 Pandemic many towns in Connecticut have made their land records available online. 
As a professional Connecticut title search company, we will always promise our clients the proper compliance while performing every title search. 
Only a professional Connecticut title searcher can know the details that every independent town requires to perform a proper title search.

In Connecticut all 169 towns are independent in housing their own land records unlike all other 49 states in the U.S. we are not county based. 
In many towns you must complete a title search at the town hall as water liens, sewer liens and tax liens often are not recorded on the land records, however, have their own water/sewer/tax lien books in the Town Clerks Offices. 
Therefore, completing a title search online is not compliant with what is required for a proper title policy issuance.

Every third-party service provider a lender deals with must be able to comply with regulations – and if they can’t, the lender is held responsible for mistakes. To reduce that risk, use Fusion Title Search for our special guaranteed 8 hour turn around title search and our promise all title searches are done in person at the town hall, never online or remote. 
We have solid policies and procedures that are in compliance with all regulations, and we will work with you in ensuring a seamless process.

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