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Our certified experts in title Search have fine-tuned each transaction. Fusion Title Search guarantees you…


As a team, we are so confident in achieving our daily purpose of solving your real estate Title Search needs with lightning speed, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time.


At Fusion Title Search we pride ourselves in our accuracy of results. With on-site examination of land records our expert title Searchers are able to provide unfailing results that cannot be duplicated by online services.


At Fusion Title Search we are proud promoters of licensing of Title Searchers.  Our leaders set the standard of culture in the industry to always complete every Title Search as to the Standards of Title and State Statues.


At Fusion Title Search we’ve created what we call the 110% Equals 100% Rule. This mantra simply states: we will give you one hundred and ten percent one hundred percent of the time in order to guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction.

Our Commitment to You

Our expert team of Professional Licensed Title Searchers and Abstractors will help you obtain your property title search quickly and efficiently.  Because of our expertise and our dedication to keeping you informed, you will move through the property title research processes with confidence and the assurance of accurate and speedy results.

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As our customer, your needs are our only focus.
Our professional title search experts are equipped and trained for speed, accuracy, and perfection on every title search.
For your convenience, we provide state-of-the-art technology. For your peace-of-mind, we are always reachable.
Let Fusion Title Search bring balance, understanding and clarity to your property title search.

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Our Mission

At Fusion Title Search, our mission is to provide accurate, reliable, and efficient property title search services that empower our clients to make informed real estate decisions with confidence. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and fostering trust through our commitment to advocate for licensing of title searchers who can deliver in person thorough property research, transparency, and integrity in all 169 municipalities throughout Connecticut.

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