Title Fraud Investigation

Title Fraud Investigation

Seller Impersonation and Title Insurance Fraud is a rising concern in real estate transactions. This occurs when fraudsters pose as legitimate property sellers or agents to deceive homeowners and defraud them of their money. This type of fraud can have severe financial and legal consequences for the victims involved, and it is important to be aware of the warning signs. Security is our top priority, and our team of Professional Title Searchers, Investigators, Researchers, and Examiners of Property Title are trained to Audit and find any discrepancies in your home title deeds, mortgages or liens that may be considered fraudulent. It is our priority to keep our clients and homeowners informed.

Here’s how seller impersonation fraud can manifest in real estate transactions:

To protect against seller impersonation fraud in real estate transactions, buyers should take the following precautions:

Title Research Services that are...


Call Fusion Title Search if you are concerned about any possibility of fraudulent transactions related to your real estate closings.

If you believe you have encountered fraud in a real estate transaction, call Fusion Title Search and we will research, investigate and prepare and audit report of your home property title. We will also help you report the incident to local law enforcement and provide them with all relevant documentation and communication records. Additionally, notify the real estate agency or platform where the fraudulent listing was found so that they can take appropriate action.

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