Fusion Title Search

Current Owner Search

Current owner search is checks for any and all open liens, mortgages, judgments, and tax status on a property from last property purchase to the current date, as well as obtain a copy of the vesting deed.

A report known as Owner and Encumbrance (O&E) provides the property title history from the moment the current owner obtained it up to the present. This involves searching through different methods to obtain documents related to the property, which are officially filed in public land records. The report includes information on open mortgages and liens connected to either the owner or the property in question, recorded after the current owner acquired the property. Additionally, any judgments against the owner falling within the state’s statute are also included in the report.

The Owner and Encumbrance (O&E) report furnishes information about the property’s tax status and assessment details across all jurisdictions for which the property owner bears responsibility. In the case of overdue taxes, the report specifies the current amount owed, inclusive of any accrued interest. It also includes a comprehensive assessment of any out-of-family, full-value transfer deed leading to the current ownership. A thorough examination is conducted on all mortgages undertaken by the current owner, and details of any active mortgages are outlined in the report. Furthermore, documents related to these open mortgages, such as modifications, assignments, foreclosure actions, and the like, are included. The report also provides information on judgments and liens affecting both the property and the present owner. The report is provided in PDF format and comprises a user-friendly summary sheet, accompanied by relevant pages containing all the documents discovered during the search process.

Usually, O&E Reports are ordered by investors and buyers participating in auctions. In aucti