Electronic Recordings In Connecticut

Electronic Recordings in Connecticut

On June 28, 2013, Corporation Service Company® (CSC) issued a press release stating that release of mortgage was filed by CSC with the Glastonbury Town Clerk’s Office on June 25, 2013, by using the Erecording module, an Official Records System provided by NewVision Systems Corporation.

According to the press release the town of Glastonbury’s partnership with CSC and NewVision will allow real estate document submitters to electronically record documents quickly, easily, and securely. Any submitter with a computer, Internet connection and scanner/printer can now eRecord with the town clerk. CSC’s eRecording technology integrates with NewVision’s ERecord Module, the town’s land records management system. NewVision’s software puts each electronic document package through an automated validation process and then makes the package available for review by the town clerk’s staff. Once accepted by the town clerk, the ERecord Module automatically calculates the taxes and fees and stamps the documents with validation data. Documents are returned automatically—with no staff intervention—following electronic recording, and fees are submitted through an ACH process. The recorded documents are available to public searchers on NewVision’s SearchNG application immediately upon recording.

“CSC’s eRecording technology is an invaluable partner in the modernization of our recording process,” said Joyce P. Mascena, Glastonbury town clerk. “As a result, our town has moved to the forefront of document management and processing technology. We are proud to offer this service in our continued efforts to better serve our constituents.”

Electronic document recording allows recording offices to reduce costs, eliminate payment errors, receive prompt payment, and increase staff productivity. Document submitters also benefit from shorter wait times, fewer document rejections, faster rejection handling, and more secure transmission of documents.


Written By: Natalia Smith-Wallach

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