What is Connecticut Standard of Title 19.2?

Statutory Certificate of Foreclosure

A statutory certificate of foreclosure is not a muniment of title.  It merely serves as public notice that a particular mortgage or lien has been foreclosed.  It acts as a pointer for title searchers directing them to the particular court action which foreclosed the mortgage or lien.  Thus, any inaccuracies or omissions in such recorded certificate, regardless of their nature, will not affect the marketability of title.

It is the foreclosure judgment or decree which makes the plaintiff’s title absolute by cutting of the equity of redemption upon the expiration of the law days without redemption of the mortgage or lien being foreclosed.  The certificate of foreclosure merely gives interested parties notice of this event.  This is why the foreclosure decree is a muniment of title an not the certificate of foreclosure.  Not being a muniment of title, any inaccuracies therein cannot affect marketability.


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