Fusion Title Search

The Connecticut Title Search

Connecticut Title Searching is not for the “online searcher”. If you are looking to get a flawless title search in Connecticut free of errors that may result in liability to your company than I cannot stress enough to only use a certified land title searcher in Connecticut.

There are 169 towns in the State of Connecticut with the land records being housed in each individual town. We do not have county registries or county courthouses in Connecticut and title searching must be completed at the local town hall in person. Although many towns are choosing to put their land record indexes and some copies online for a fee many of these town halls do not have sewer and water tax liens recorded on the land records. Many town halls use separate sewer and water tax lien books, and they need to be searched separately. This leaves for massive liability if searched solely online as these will be missed.

Also, Connecticut probate courts are not online and often we must go to court houses to search a foreclosure properly. Using Connecticut based title searchers ensures the accuracy of your title search. When seeking out a title searcher in Connecticut make sure their E&O insurance is up to date and covers at least a 1,000,000/1,000,000 limits as property values are soaring.

We suggest calling Fusion Title Search for all of your title search needs. Our experienced, certified title searchers are only best in Connecticut and can guarantee that your search is completed correctly in person and never remotely.